October 20, 2010

A note about our artwork

In case you’re wondering about our artwork—like what a legal blog has to do with a painting of mountain peaks—I thought I would write a quick post to explain. The artwork on our blog is part of the mural The Eastern Sierra in Fall, by noted Marin County artist Willard Dixon. The mural hangs over the bench in the California Supreme Court’s courtroom in the Earl Warren Building in San Francisco (which is also the courtroom of the First District Court of Appeal). Mr. Dixon was commissioned to paint the work after winning the California Supreme Court Mural Competition in 1998. It replaced a previous mural, “The Commonwealth” by Arthur F. Mathews, which was lost during a restoration of the courtroom in the 1960s.

We like The Eastern Sierra in Fall most obviously because it is what an advocate sees when standing “at the lectern” in the Supreme Court’s primary courtroom. But beyond that, it is simply a beautiful work. If you’ve been up U.S. 395 through towns like Lone Pine and Bishop, you know how well Mr. Dixon has rendered that sometimes austere but majestic landscape.

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