At its Wednesday conference, the Supreme Court agreed to review Alameda County Deputy Sheriff’s Association v. Alameda County Employees’ Retirement Association.  The Alameda County petition for review — unlike almost all other petitions — was a good bet for a grant.  The court had granted-and-held another pension case (Marin Association of Public Employees v. Marin County Employees’ Retirement Association), (uncommonly) deferring action in that case pending the Court of Appeal’s decision in Alameda County.

The only real question was whether Alameda County would also be a grant-and-hold case — pending a decision in yet a third pension case (Cal Fire Local 2881 v. California Public Employees’ Retirement System) — or whether the court would order briefing in anticipation of oral argument and an opinion.  The court chose the latter.  It also changed the grant-and-hold status in Marin Association, now deferring action in that case until the Supreme Court decides Alameda County.

The pension cases are a big deal.  (See here and here.)

In other conference action, as mentioned, the court granted the Ninth Circuit’s request to answer questions of California employment law.

[Note:  because this blog will be down for maintenance starting early tomorrow morning and because the list of conference results was not available at the time of this post, we won’t be doing a full report on this week’s conference.]