November 30, 2010

Another fast-track case

As we’ve noted, sometimes the Supreme Court takes a long time to decide a case and sometimes it acts with lightning speed (see also here). Litigation involving initiatives and election issues often falls in the latter category. So, it’s not surprising that a challenge to Proposition 14 — the top-two-primary-election measure approved in June — is getting immediate attention.

In Field v. Superior Court, six litigants have filed a writ petition alleging that Prop. 14 could cause irreparable harm in three apparently imminent special elections. The petition was filed last Wednesday. Yesterday (the first court day after the petition’s filing), the Supreme Court requested the Attorney General to file an opposition by this Monday and gave the petitioners three days after that to file a reply. The court’s decision about whether to hear the writ petition on the merits will likely come very soon thereafter.

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