January 7, 2013

Bar association program on undocumented-attorney-candidate case

The Barristers Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Mexican American Bar Association, and the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles are presenting a program next week that will explore one of the Supreme Court’s higher profile pending cases — Garcia on Admission. The Supreme Court, in its role as law-license gatekeeper, will determine whether Sergio Garcia — an undocumented immigrant who has graduated from law school and passed the California bar exam — can be admitted to practice law in the state.

The program will feature panelists Joe Dunn (the State Bar’s executive director), Carlos Moreno (retired Supreme Court justice and an author of an amici curiae brief supporting Mr. Garcia’s admission), Juan Ramos (an author of another amicus brief supporting Mr. Garcia), and Mr. Garcia himself. Horvitz & Levy’s Jeremy Rosen will moderate the program, which was organized by Horvitz & Levy’s Mark Kressel (the Barrister’s president-elect) and Phong Wong (LAFLA’s acting pro bono director).

Here’s a link to register for the Thursday, January 17, evening program.

UPDATE: Here is some news coverage and a photo of the LACBA event.

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