Justice Leondra Kruger has been mentioned in the past as a possible U.S. Supreme Court pick should a Democrat become president, with the speculation starting before she was even sworn in as a California Supreme Court justice five years ago.  (See here and here.)  But ever since former Vice-President Joe Biden, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, pledged to appoint an African-American woman to the court if he is elected, attention on Justice Kruger has increased exponentially.

Most recently, David Savage in the Los Angeles Times (Biden says he’ll put a black woman on Supreme Court.  This California justice is a leading candidate) called Kruger “[o]ne of the leading candidates” for a Biden appointment and his article included glowing testimonials from prominent lawyers.  Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen said she “might be at the top of th[e] list” of “potentially strong nominees.”


Company for Stephen Field?

Maura Dolan’s 2018 Los Angeles Times profile of Justice Kruger