August 23, 2013

Big filing day Monday: three death penalty opinions and a robbery opinion

The Supreme Court will file four opinions on Monday. All are criminal cases; three are death penalty appeals.

People v. Harris is an automatic direct appeal from an August 1999 judgment of death. People v. Mai is an appeal from a June 2000 death penalty judgment. And People v. Jones is an appeal from a September 1994 judgment of death.

The court will also issue an opinion in People v. Williams, which raises the issue whether a robbery conviction can be based on the use of force in the attempt to escape after committing the crime of theft by false pretenses as opposed to theft by larceny.

Mai was argued on the early-June calendar. The other three cases were argued in late May.

This might be the first time the court has filed four opinions on one day since the rush over two years ago to file opinions before Justice Moreno’s retirement.

All four opinions can be viewed online Monday beginning at 10:00 a.m.

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