July 12, 2016

California Academy of Appellate Lawyers opposes Prop. 66

The California Academy of Appellate Lawyers has issued a statement opposing Proposition 66, the November ballot measure designed to speed up California’s death penalty process.  (A competing initiative — Proposition 62 — would eliminate the death penalty in the state altogether.)  [Disclosures:  I’m an Academy member and past president; other Horvitz & Levy attorneys are also members; the current president is “of counsel” to the firm.]

Stating that it “neither supports nor opposes the death penalty or reasonable measures to clear the backlog of death penalty appeals,” the Academy calls the initiative an “ill-considered proposition” that “would impose crushing burdens on California’s Supreme Court and intermediate appellate courts, disrupting and delaying thousands of other cases for years to come.”

I have previously written that “[t]he disruption to the state’s judicial system if th[e] initiative became law cannot be overstated.”

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