October 7, 2011

California Supreme Court issues its Annual Workload Statistics for 2010-2011

Last week, the Court issued its Annual Workload Statistics for the period from September 1, 2010 through August 31, 2011. Total filings exceeded 10,000 in that period for only the second time in a decade. The Court kept pace though, and total dispositions increased 15.5 percent over the previous year. However, due to changes in personnel, a significant period without a permanent justice, and staff furloughs dictated by massive budget cuts, the Court issued a total of just 86 opinions, down from 105 the previous year. Thirty-five of those opinions were issued in civil cases, a decrease of seven from the year before. The number of civil petitions for review held more or less steady at 1,221. The Court ordered 12 cases depublished, up from last year’s all-time low of four, but not a dramatic increase compared to recent years. (It looks like the answer to the question we posed last year about whether the Court might be starting to resort to depublication much more frequently is “no.”)

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