May 23, 2012

Chief Justice appoints a 10-member ad hoc group to respond to the Governor’s plans for court funding

We mentioned in this post that the Judicial Council would be holding an emergency meeting on May 17 to discuss the $544 million in additional budget cuts imposed on the judicial branch by the Governor in his recent budget Revise (check out video from the meeting here). As reflected in this press release, the upshot of that meeting was the Chief Justice’s appointment of “a 10-member ad hoc group of judicial branch leaders who will lead budget negotiations on the proposals included in the Governor’s May Revise.” This is in anticipation of “intense discussions over the next several weeks” concerning the size and scope of the Governor’s budget proposal and his plans “for restructuring state funding for the trial courts in fiscal year 2012-13.” The Chief Justice will chair the group. Other members of the ad hoc group include Justice Marvin Baxter and Curtis Child, the judicial branch’s chief lobbyist in Sacramento.

For more information on the budget crisis, check out the California Courts’ new website, “InFocus: Budget Crisis in the Judicial Branch,” which was “launched to provide details on how these cuts are threatening public safety and access to justice for 38 million Californians.”

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