September 27, 2010

Chief Justice George extols the legal and political skills of his likely replacement

According to today’s Daily Journal [subscription required], outgoing Chief Justice Ronald M. George extolled the virtues of his successor, Chief Justice nominee Tani Cantil-Sakauye on Friday at the California Judges Association annual meeting in Monterey. He called Cantil-Sakauye a “brilliant jurist,” consistent with her recent JNE Commission rating of “exceptionally well qualified,” which we discussed in this post.

The DJ reports that George also said Cantil-Sakauye “has shown by working as a prosecutor and as Gov. George Deukmejian’s deputy legislative secretary that she has ‘the legislative, diplomatic and political skills’ to successfully lead California’s judicial branch.” Those remarks may be an oblique reference to the tough fight the likely new Chief is expected face when she seeks funding in Sacramento to operate California’s extensive court system. We discussed those challenges, and Cantil-Sakauye’s qualifications to meet them, in this post. Given the difficult road ahead, the outgoing president of the judges’ association, Superior Court Judge Michael Paul Vicencia, may have posed the most insightful and pointed question of the day when he asked Cantil Sakauye: “What were you thinking when you took this on?”

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