November 27, 2013

Death penalty opinion (probably) filing Monday [UPDATED]

As of this posting, there’s no forthcoming-filing notice yet, but it’s a good bet that the Supreme Court will file on Monday morning its opinion in People v. Manibusan, an automatic appeal from a January 2001 judgment of death.  The appellant’s 300+-page opening brief raises a host of issues, including a number involving jury selection and juror conduct.

Why is it likely that the Manibusan opinion will file Monday?  Because the Supreme Court typically files its opinions within 90 days of oral argument, Manibusan was argued in early September, and Monday is the last regular opinion filing day within the 90-day period.

Opinions in all other September-argued cases have been filed except for In re Garcia, in which submission was vacated because of the post-argument enactment of pertinent legislation.

The Manibusan opinion likely will be available online Monday beginning at 10:00 a.m.

[Update:  The notice of forthcoming filing is now posted.]

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