January 21, 2014

Edward Jessen, California’s Reporter of Decisions, retires after a quarter century of service

The Supreme Court announced today that Ed Jessen, California’s longest-serving Reporter of Decisions, will retire February 1 after 25 years of service.  As the Court’s press release notes, Jessen has overseen  “the preparation and publication of California appellate court opinions in the Official Reports. These days, the work now includes the publication of more than 12,000 opinions a year on the judicial branch’s website.”  In his role as Reporter of Decisions, Jessen was also responsible for editing and updating the California Style Manual, colloquially known as the Yellow Book.  In addition to his service as Reporter of Decisions, Jessen was a valued member of the appellate rules project task force organized by Justice Joyce Kennard in the late 1990’s to undertake a comprehensive revision of California’s appellate rules of court.

Jessen received thanks and congratulations on his retirement from Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, who lauded him as “a man of integrity, honor, humor, and intelligence,” whose work has been “ ‘indispensable to the appellate courts’ process of producing “documents of state” that belong to the people and contribute to the rule of law.’ ”  In his own message, former Chief Justice Ronald M. George added that Jessen’s “ ‘knowledge, professionalism, and ability to handle an enormous workload under strict time limits have served the justices of the Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeal in an exemplary manner, to the additional benefit of the trial courts and the bar.’ ”

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