July 19, 2013

Filings in newest Prop. 8 case now online

The Supreme Court has posted online the filings in Hollingsworth v. O’Connell, the writ proceeding initiated by Prop. 8 supporters that asks the court to stop same-sex weddings in California.

On Monday, the court denied a request to stop the weddings during the pendency of the writ proceeding. The court also scheduled preliminary briefing, giving the real parties in interest until July 22 to file a preliminary opposition to the petition and the Prop. 8 supporters until August 1 to reply. After the reply is filed (which could be ahead of the due date), the court will rule, presumably either summarily denying the writ petition or opting to hear the petition on its merits. If it’s the latter, there will probably be additional briefing and an oral argument, all likely on an expedited basis. Of course, even an expedited hearing on the merits would probably mean a wait of at least a few months before a final ruling.

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