March 28, 2012

Frederick “Fritz” Ohlrich, the Clerk of the Court, has announced his retirement after decades of public service

As reported here and elsewhere, Frederick “Fritz” Ohlrich, the much-respected Clerk of the California Supreme Court, has announced he will retire on June 29 after 47 years of government service and 12 years as the Supreme Court’s executive officer. As Clerk, Ohlrich has displayed considerable administrative skills in managing the court that sits atop the world’s largest court system, and in helping to guide it through the ongoing state budget crisis. On a more personal level, attorneys who have appeared before the Court know Ohlrich as the smiling personage who has welcomed them, placed them at ease and cheerfully explained the choreography of oral argument, all while maintaining and, indeed, enhancing the formality of the proceedings. He will certainly be missed. His replacement has not yet been determined.

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