August 31, 2010

Gotta get one – Ron George bobblehead’s legalpad has an account of a fitting proposal to honor our retiring Chief Justice by renaming the historic San Francisco civic center complex that houses the California Supreme Court; it would henceforth be called the Ronald M. George Justice Center.

At last week’s Judicial Council meeting where this effort was announced, the Chief was also presented with another honor: his very own visage on a bobblehead doll. He thus joins the ranks of other judicial luminaries depicted on bobbleheads, including William Rehnquist and John Paul Stevens. I’m guessing that many people who find their way to this blog will, as I do, think that’s genuinely cool.

UPDATE: It looks like the proposal noted above, regarding a plan to rename the state court complex in San Francisco in honor of Chief Justice Ronald George, has been derailed, as reported by The Recorder. However, the same piece observes, “Although SCR 126 is officially dead, the Senate resolution asking for the same honors for George remains in place as an advisory measure to the state, which owns both buildings. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could decide on his own to proceed with the naming.”

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