June 28, 2016

Historical Society previews its history of the Supreme Court book

The California Supreme Court Historical Society [disclosure:  I serve on the Society’s board] just published its spring/summer newsletter.  This newsletter is devoted entirely to a preview of the Society’s comprehensive history of the court — “Constitutional Governance and Judicial Power” — which is scheduled to be published next month.  The newsletter includes extended excerpts from each of the book’s seven chapters:CSCHS-2016-Newsletter-Spring-Summer_Page_01

Chapter one:
Pioneers on the Bench 1849–1879
Charles J. McClain

Chapter Two:
Creating a Court System 1880–1910
Gordon Morris Bakken

Chapter Three:
The Age of Reform 1910–1940
Lucy E. Salyer

Chapter Four:
The Gibson Era 1940–1964
Charles J. McClain

Chapter Five:
The Liberal Court:  Ascendency and Crisis 1964–1987
Harry N. Scheiber

Chapter Six:
The Lucas Years 1987–1996
Bob Egelko

Chapter Seven:
Defining a Branch, Finding the Center:  The George Court 1996–2010
Molly Selvin

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