February 6, 2017

Historical Society’s annual journal focuses on UCLA’s law school

The annual journal of the California Supreme Court Historical Society — not to be confused with thelegal-hist-v-11-web-summary_page_001 Society’s semi-annual newsletter — is available.  [Disclosure:  I’m on the Society’s board of directors.]  This volume is mostly about the UCLA School of Law, and includes personal reminiscences by numerous judicial alums.  The journal also features the first place essay — A Model for Juvenile Parole Reform:  California’s Youth Offender Parole Hearings Challenge the Modern Parole System and Apply the Fundamental Principles in Graham and Miller to the Release Decision-Making Process — in the Society’s law student writing competition.  The competition is named after the journal’s current editor-in-chief, the legendary Selma Moidel Smith.


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