October 31, 2010

More about the election

It’s quite unlikely to gain any traction as an election issue, but one report made the connection between Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye’s confirmation election and the controversy over a Judicial Council proposal to raise the pay of Administrative Office of the Courts employees. The story notes, “The Judge chairing th[e] committee recommending the pay hike, Tani Cantil-Sakauye, in on the ballot herself this Tuesday, seeking voter approval to become the next Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court.”

A different article notes the importance to the Filipino-American community of Cantil-Sakauye’s confirmation as Chief Justice of California. That community suffered significant discrimination, both de jure and de facto, less than a century ago. The article — appearing in the Filipino-American periodical Balita — is entitled Appointment of a Filipino as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Honors Us All and concludes, “When you vote for her, you will do more than recognize her accomplishments. That vote will affirm equality. Your vote will certainly celebrate our national pride as Filipino Americans.”

The Redding Record Searchlight recommends a “yes” vote on Cantil-Sakauye and current Justices Ming Chin and Carlos Moreno. The Los Angeles Daily News, on the other hand, explains why it doesn’t make recommendations on judicial elections — the paper doesn’t want to “taint the judicial process with politics. Making endorsements is the first step toward partisanship.” “Just because a question is on the ballot, doesn’t mean you have to answer it,” the piece says.

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