May 24, 2013

Taking the Chief Justice Terry show on the road

Last year, the California Supreme Court Historical Society co-sponsored a program in San Francisco about David Terry, who was California’s Chief Justice over 150 years ago. The program featured a (fake) bearded and Bowie knife (also fake) wielding Justice Marvin Baxter in the starring role. Justice Kathryn Werdegar was one of the co-stars.

Titled “Chief Justice David S. Terry and Federalism: A Life and A Doctrine in Three Acts,” the program was billed as “a tale of love, ambition, vigilantes, and violence (plus federalism and MCLE credit)” and it was promised to “draw on events in the tumultuous life and violent death of . . . one of the most colorful and controversial men ever to serve on the State High Court . . . to dramatize the evolution of federal power in 19th Century California.”

Southern Californians who didn’t make the trip to catch the dramatics can rest easy. The program is being reprised and will make its Los Angeles debut next month. Performing with Justices Baxter and Werdegar will be local talent California Court of Appeal Justice Laurie D. Zelon, District Judge Andrew J. Guilford, District Judge Terry J. Hatter, Jr., District Judge Ronald S.W. Lew, and Dan Grunfeld, president of the California Supreme Court Historical Society.




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