February 5, 2013

The Court continues its outreach efforts with special oral argument sessions

As we’ve mentioned in the past, the Court sometimes takes its show on the road, hearing oral argument at various spots around the state. Today, the Court keeps that tradition alive with a special oral argument session at the University of San Francisco School of Law. The session commemorates the centennial of the law school’s founding. The event is to be broadcast live on The California Channel.

Tomorrow, the Court will hear oral argument at its headquarters in San Francisco and, according to its website, “will welcome more than 100 students and teachers from Sacramento’s C.K. McClatchy High School to hear the two morning cases” on the calendar. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Chief Justice grew up in Sacramento and graduated from McClatchy High.

We’ve previously summarized the cases on calendar this week.

UPDATE: Check out this San Francisco Examiner article regarding the Court’s special session of oral argument at USF.


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