September 11, 2012

The Recorder’s California Supreme Court Service – a neat resource

This is an unsolicited plug for The Recorder’s “California Supreme Court Service” (CSCS). Many of you may already know about this publication, which has been around for ages, but just in case some folks haven’t yet stumbled upon this, here’s the deal. The publication consists of “Comprehensive Weekly Reports” summarizing petitions for review recently filed in cases with published opinions, and a “Monthly Pending Cases and Index” booklet.

What’s so cool about these? By looking at the Weekly Reports, you can find out what issues are knocking on the Supreme Court’s door before the court has ruled on them. Also, by looking at older back issues, you can see what questions were presented in petitions for review that were denied. (Note that our blog has a weekly summary of conference reports, but we report only on those petitions that were granted, or that were denied with one or more votes to grant.)

As for the monthly compendium of pending cases in which review was granted, these are nicely broken down by topic. Similar information is available from the court’s website in searchable form, but the court’s version is not organized by topic, as the CSCS compendium is.

These resources can be quite useful if you’re trying to demonstrate in a petition for review (or answer to petition for review) that an issue is (or is not) a recurring one, or if you want to find related briefing that may be helpful to you in drafting a petition for review. This information is also good to know if you’re counsel of record looking for potential amici curiae for your case, or if you’re preparing an amicus filing in connection with a petition for review.

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