California has the ninth largest economy on the globe and produces everything from computers to feature films to world renowned wines and produce. The Golden State is ethnically, racially, culturally and linguistically diverse. In short, California is a microcosm of the world.

The California Supreme Court sits at the apex of the vast judicial system that has primary responsibility for resolving legal disputes for the state’s 38 million residents, as well as millions of others who come to California each year for business or pleasure. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has primary responsibility for overseeing the administration of that system. The Supreme Court regularly construes statutes enacted by the Legislature, resolves disagreements among the Courts of Appeal and decides contentious and often divisive issues that affect the lives of vast numbers of people.

For these reasons, we believe a practice-oriented blog designed for attorneys who argue before the Court is appropriate. We hope the blog will be a useful contribution to the public dialogue about the operation of the Court.

With Chief Justice Ronald M. George’s announcement that he will not seek retention in the 2010 election, an era on the Court is coming to an end. With a new era dawning and a new, but as-yet unknown Chief Justice soon to take the helm, we could think of no better time to commence this blog.