Tomorrow morning, the Supreme Court will file opinions in Bonni v. St. Joseph Health System and People v. Bryant.  (Briefs here; oral argument videos here and here.)

In Bonni, the court is expected to decide the extent, if any, that the initiation and conduct of medical peer review proceedings are protected activity under the anti-SLAPP statute.  The case was originally a grant-and-hold for Wilson v. Cable News Network, Inc., but, after the court decided Wilson and disapproved Bonni on one point (Wilson v. Cable News Network, Inc. (2019) 7 Cal.5th 871, 892), the court in September 2019 opted to unhold the case and order briefing.  [Disclosure:  Horvitz & Levy filed an amicus curiae brief in the case.]

Bryant raises the issue whether the validity of a condition of release on mandatory supervision should be assessed under the standards applicable to conditions of parole or the standards applicable to conditions of probation.  The court granted review in February 2020.

Both cases were argued in early May.  There is one other undecided early-May case, an opinion in which isn’t due until mid-September because of post-argument briefing (see here).  After tomorrow, there will be 12 cases left in the summer pipeline.

The Bonni and Bryant opinions can be viewed tomorrow starting at 10:00 a.m.