Malcolm Maclachlan reports in today’s Daily Journal about Assembly Bill 3366 (see here), which would free California’s Chief Justice to issue — on their own — statewide emergency orders concerning trial court operations, such as extending various statutory deadlines.  (I’m quoted in the article.)

The legislation would amend Government Code section 68115.  That statute currently limits the Chief Justice to making emergency orders only on a county-by-county basis and only on the request of a county superior court’s presiding judge.

Recognizing current statutory constraints, Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye two months ago said, “In California, unlike other states, each of the 58 superior courts retains local authority to establish and maintain its own court operations.  This decentralized nature of judicial authority is a statutory structure that reflects the diversity of each county.”  She nonetheless later issued an order suspending jury trials statewide.