On November 10, the three-member Commission on Judicial Appointments will consider Governor Gavin Newsom’s appointment of Judge Kelli Evans to the Supreme Court. The California Courts news release by Merrill Balassone is here.

If, as is likely, Evans is confirmed, she will take the place of Associate Justice Patricia Guerrero, but not until Justice Guerrero’s term ends on January 2. Guerrero’s nomination to be the next chief justice was confirmed in August; she will assume the head spot, also on January 2, if she is elected in November. Because Evans was appointed and not nominated, she will not face the voters for four years. (It’s all explained here.)

Can the Governor appoint and the CJA confirm Judge Evans even though there is no vacancy yet? I think so, although the effectiveness of the appointment and confirmation might depend on Newsom winning reelection. (See here.)