When the Supreme Court grants review, rule 8.516(a)(1) allows it to limit the issues to be briefed and argued in a case. If the court doesn’t limit the issues, court staff attorneys will publish issue summaries. (See here.)

You can find the issues in one or both of two places. Sometimes the limited issue(s) or the issue(s) summary will appear on the “Case Summary” page of the case’s docket. (E.g., here.) If not there (and, of late, the omission is frequent), look at the “Pending Issues Summary” page on the court’s website. There you’ll see links to two documents — one each for straight-granted civil and criminal cases — that state the issues in pending cases.

The summaries come with the caveat: “The statement of the issue or issues in each case . . . does not necessarily reflect the views of the court, or define the specific issues that will be addressed by the court.”