The latest edition of California Legal History, the Journal of the California Supreme Court Historical Society, is out and available here.  [Disclosure:  I’m on the Society’s board of directors.]

The Journal includes the following:

›  Women, Marriage, and Divorce in California, 1849–1872 by Bonnie L. Ford

›  The Evolution of Workers’ Compensation Policy in California, 1911–1990 by Glenn Merrill Shor

›  Inventing the Public Trust Doctrine:   California Water Law and the Mono Lake Controversy by Randal David Orton

›  “Hush, Hush, Miss Charlotte”:   A Quarter Century of Civil Rights Activism by the Black Community of San Francisco, 1850–1875 by Jeanette Davis Mantilla

›  With Ballots and Pocketbooks:  Women, Labor, and Reform in Progressive California by Danielle J. Swiontek

›  The Creative Society:   Environmental Policymaking in California, 1967–1974 Society by Robert Denning

›  2021 Writing Competition Virtual Roundtable (see here)

›  Surveying the Golden State (1850–2020):  Vagrancy, Racial Exclusion, Sit-Lie, and the Right to Exist in Public by Kayley Berger

›  Getting to Tarasoff:   A Gender-Based History of Tort Law Doctrine by Brook Tylka

› California Wrongful Incarceration Compensation Law:   A History That is Still Being Written by Kelly Shea Delvac


Historical society announces student writing competition winners