On Monday morning, the Supreme Court will file its opinions in Guardianship of Saul H. and Coast Community College District v. Commission on State Mandates. (Briefs here; oral argument videos here and here.)

These will be the first of eight opinions for cases argued on the June calendar. The other six opinions for June cases are due to file by September 1. But, there are still three opinions outstanding for late-May calendar cases. Two of those opinions will likely file by August 22 and one, in a death penalty appeal with post-argument briefing, should file by September 12.

Saul H. presents issues relating to petitions for Special Immigrant Findings under Code of Civil Procedure section 155. The court granted review in December 2021 and expedited briefing and oral argument. It also appointed pro bono counsel to support the Court of Appeal’s decision. Horvitz & Levy is pro bono appellate counsel for the appellant and petitioner on review.

In Coast Community College District, when the court granted review and depublished the Third District Court of Appeal’s opinion in August 2020, the court limited the issues to:  “1. Whether regulations that establish minimum conditions entitling California community college districts to receive state aid constitute a reimbursable state mandate within the meaning of article XIII B, section 6 of the California Constitution.  2. Whether a court lacks jurisdiction under article XIII B, section 6 of the California Constitution to make subvention findings on statutes that were not specifically identified in an initial test claim.  3. Whether a court lacks jurisdiction to remand a test claim based on a statute that was the subject of a prior final decision by the Commission on State Mandates.”

The opinions can be viewed Monday starting at 10:00 a.m.