Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar co-authored an article in The Hill about the “pervasive” use of artificial intelligence in government, citing, among others, facial recognition, autonomous weapons, and tools judges use to make life-changing bail, sentencing, and parole decisions.

Besides Justice Cuéllar, the authors are three law professors.  All four of them “led a team of lawyers and computer scientists at Stanford and New York universities to advise federal agencies on how to develop and oversee their new algorithmic toolkit.”

Their conclusion:  “this is a pivotal moment for government.  Managed well, agency AI use can make the government more efficient, accurate and fair.  Managed poorly, AI can widen the public-private technology gap, make agencies more vulnerable and less transparent, and heighten concerns about government arbitrariness and biases that are coursing through American politics.”


Justice Cuéllar’s week at Ninth Circuit conference, Comic-con