There is a job posting for a chambers attorney for newly robed Justice Joshua Groban. Interestingly, the post says, “The successful candidate may be located in either San Francisco or Los Angeles.” At The Lectern is told that all justices have chambers in Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco and that some justices have staff in Los Angeles and Sacramento, in addition to San Francisco.

Here’s part of the job description: “Duties include assisting Justice Groban in drafting memoranda and opinions in cases assigned to him and reviewing and critiquing memoranda and proposed opinions in cases assigned to other justices. These duties involve carefully and accurately reviewing appellate briefs, trial records, and other documents; thoroughly researching and analyzing existing law; and drafting clear and well-organized memoranda and opinions. A Supreme Court Chambers Attorney must be able to handle multiple assignments simultaneously and expeditiously and to work closely and cooperatively with the justice and other members of his staff, as well as with other members of the court’s staff.”