Governor Gavin Newsom’s nomination of Justice Patricia Guerrero to be California’s next Chief Justice will almost certainly be confirmed tomorrow morning by the Commission on Judicial Appointments.

A prerequisite to the nomination is the Governor’s submission to the Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation of the “potential” candidate “for evaluation of their judicial qualifications.”

Two days ago, the JNE Commission issued its report on Justice Guerrero, giving her its top rating of “exceptionally well qualified.” Calling Guerrero “the ideal choice to be California’s next Chief Justice” and “a uniquely qualified jurist,” the Commission said, “She has had an exceptional career as a litigator in both the private and public sectors and possesses substantial experience in every area of the law at the trial and appellate level. She is universally lauded for her superior intellect, clear writing, judicial temperament, work ethic, and compassion. Justice Guerrero also has significant managerial experience in both the private and public sectors, as well as on the bench, and is praised by other bench officers for her collegiality.”

JNE also gave Justice Guerrero its top rating in March when she was appointed as a Supreme Court associate justice.