Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger will participate in the launch event of The Appellate Project, an organization recognizing that “people of color remain greatly underrepresented as both appellate attorneys and judges” and that has a mission of “empower[ing] law students of color to thrive in the appellate field.”

The free September 10 virtual program will feature former Third Circuit Judge Timothy Lewis in conversation with Justice Kruger and D.C. Circuit Chief Judge Sri Srinivasan about their experiences as lawyers and judges in our highest courts.

[I first read about the event on Ben Shatz’s Southern California Appellate News blog.]

[September 12 update:  Cheryl Miller reports on the program in The Recorder, including this from Justice Kruger — “ ‘The colleagues that I serve with are one of the most personally and professionally diverse groups of lawyers that I’ve ever had the privilege of serving with,’ Kruger said. ‘We come from all different walks of life, with all different experiences as lawyers before we joined the bench.’ She continued: ‘In many ways that is just precisely what a multi-member appellate court should be. It should be a decisional body that is informed by having many voices at the table and not just a few.’ ”]