In “The legacy of California’s ‘three strikes’ law is 30 years of wasted spending and ruined lives,” the Los Angeles Times editorializes about its continuing opposition to the State’s Three Strikes law. The paper says it “has opposed ‘three strikes’ from the beginning, warning that it would fill prisons and devastate the state budget.”

The Times also notes, “Later this year, the state Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments in a lawsuit brought against Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. George Gascón by the L.A. County prosecutors’ union for following through on his campaign promise to not seek double or life terms under the ‘three strikes’ law.” (Original links.) That case is Association of Deputy District Attorneys for Los Angeles County v. Gascón, in which the court granted review in August 2022, party briefing was completed in March 2023, responses to amicus curiae briefs were filed in June 2023, but the court has not sent an oral argument letter yet.

Horvitz & Levy filed one of eight amicus curiae briefs in the case. The brief supports the plaintiff Association.

The editorial concludes that “the task of chipping away at [the law’s] injustices and inefficiencies falls to district attorneys — and the California Supreme Court.”


LA Times urges Supreme Court to use McDaniel appeal to end state’s death penalty