As At The Lectern noted in last week’s conference report, the Supreme Court denied review in Camper on Admission, a would-be lawyer’s attempt to force the State Bar to allow him to take the bar exam. James Camper III was excluded from the exam because he didn’t have his law degree; his law school was withholding his degree due to his failure to repay a loan issued by the school for tuition and fees.

In today’s Daily Journal, Malcolm Maclachlan has a fuller account of the story, including this: “According to his petition, Camper ‘is the child of Nigerian immigrants who lack family wealth.’ State Bar officials and California lawmakers have often spoken about the need to bring more people like him into the legal profession, which is far less diverse than the state as a whole.” (Link added.)

“Let me become a lawyer so I can repay you,” the article quotes Camper as saying.