Tomorrow morning, the Supreme Court will file its opinions in Olson v. Doe and Segal v. ASICS America Corp. (Briefs here; oral argument videos here and here.)

They will be the first opinions in cases argued in November. Opinions in the other three November cases will probably file by January 31.

Pro tem justices are sitting in place of Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar, who left the court at the end of October.

In Olson v. Doe, the court is expected to decide (1) Does the litigation privilege of Civil Code section 47, subdivision (b), apply to contract claims, and if so, under what circumstances? and (2) Does an agreement following mediation between the parties in an action for a temporary restraining order, in which they agree not to disparage each other, bar a later unlimited civil lawsuit arising from the same alleged sexual violence?  The court granted review in November 2019. (See more about the case here.) Second District, Division Five, Justice Justice Carl Moor is the pro tem.

The court limited the issue in Segal to:  “May a party recover costs for preparing multiple sets of trial exhibits and closing slides that were not used at trial?”  The court granted review in October 2020. (See more about the case here.) Fourth District, Division One, Justice Joan Irion is the pro tem.

The opinions can be viewed tomorrow starting at 10:00 a.m.