The Spring/Summer 2024 Review of the California Supreme Court Historical Society is available online and should be arriving in the mail soon for Society members.  (I’m on the Society’s board.)

Here are the contents:

Reckoning With Our Rights:   The Evolution of Voter Access in California, Part I by Alisa Belinkoff Katz, Izul de la Vega, Saman Haddad, Jeanne Ramin, and Zev Yaroslavsky

Forum for the Common Man:   How Robins v. Pruneyard Integrated the Marketplace of Ideas With the Marketplace of Goods by Mitchell Keiter [Related: Historical Society program on “Free Speech and the Internet”]

The Remote Valley That Facilitated Modern Environmental Protection by John Caragozian

Book Review:  On Being Good, review of The Pursuit of Happiness: How Classical Writers on Virtue Inspired the Lives of the Founders and Defined America by Jeffrey Rosen; review by Mark Neal Aaronson.