At the Supreme Court’s conference yesterday, there were no straight grants, but there were actions of note, including:

  • Supreme Court approves another LWOP clemency request it had previously blocked.
  • Two-justice dissenting statement advocates for hearing geofence warrant case.
  • Environmental lawsuit intervention. The court depublished the Second District, Division Six, Court of Appeal opinion in Friends of Oceano Dunes v. California Coastal Commission. There was no petition for review, but a late depublication request was filed with permission. Division Six affirmed the denial of a motion to intervene in a lawsuit challenging a Coastal Commission action to ban off-highway vehicle use at a recreation area. The appealing intervener applicants — Northern Chumash Tribal Council, Oceano Beach Community Association, and Center for Biological Diversity — sought to support the Commission. The appellate court concluded that “Appellants’ interest in this litigation is identical to that of the State defendants.”
  • Term and compensation limits. The court denied review and a depublication request in San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors v. Monell. A 2-1 partially published opinion of the Fourth District, Division Two, upheld an initiative limiting a county’s supervisors to single four-year terms and their compensation to $5,000 a month. The dissent asserted the appeal should be stayed until resolution of litigation regarding the validity of a subsequent initiative that “supersedes [the first initiative] in its entirety.”
  • No grant-and-hold actions. The court neither granted-and-held any cases nor disposed of any prior grant-and-holds. We can’t remember the last time that happened at a conference.