Although Justice Patricia Guerrero has been appointed to the Supreme Court, she has not yet been confirmed and sworn in, so there is still a vacancy on the court because of Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar’s October retirement. In the interim, the court will continue to enlist Court of Appeal justices to sit pro tem.

The court announced the pro tems — assigned on a mostly alphabetical basis — for the four-case March calendar. This will be the sixth straight oral argument session with only six permanent justices. It might be the last one for a while, because Guerrero will likely join the court before the April calendar. (But see here and here.)

The March pro tems are:

Pulliam v. HNL Automotive Inc.:  Third District Justice Ronald Robie.

Naranjo v. Spectrum Security Services, Inc.:  Fourth District, Division Three, Presiding Justice Kathleen O’Leary.

People v. Padilla:  Second District, Division Six, Justice Steven Perren.

People v. Parker:  First District, Division Three, Justice Ioana Petrou.