The Supreme Court will not be starting the new year with a bang. It today announced it will hear only two cases in January.

The arguments will be live streamed, and opinions in the cases should file by March 28.

On Thursday, January 4, in San Francisco (with an elevator detour possibly still in effect), the court will hear the following cases (with the issue presented as summarized by court staff or limited by the court itself; additional information about a case can be found at the link showing when the court agreed to hear the case):

Huerta v. HSA Electrical Contractors, Inc.: The court agreed to answer three wage-and-hour employment questions posed by the Ninth Circuit. It accepted the case in August 2022.

Logan v. Country Oaks Partners, LLC: Does an agent operating under an advance health care directive and power of attorney for health care decisions have the authority to enter into an arbitration agreement with a nursing facility on behalf of the principal? The court granted review in November 2022.