Here’s a bit more Supreme Court historical trivia.

While he was California’s Chief Justice, Philip Gibson testified as a

Comedian Charlie Chaplin, Chief Justice Philip Gibson, of the California Supreme Court, and songwriter Irving Berlin (from left to right) arrive at Federal Court in New York on March 31, 1941, to appear as character witnesses in the income tax evasion trial of movie executive Joseph M. Schenck. (AP Photo)

character witness in the tax evasion trial of Joseph Schenck, the head of 20th Century-Fox.  An article this week in The Times of Israel about songwriter Irving Berlin includes a photo of Gibson, Berlin, and actor Charlie Chaplin at the New York federal courthouse.

Schenck was convicted and sentenced to a three-year prison term, which was affirmed.  (U.S. v. Schenck (2d Cir. 1942) 126 F.2d 702.)  He was later pardoned by President Truman.